Lithiumrainbow Evil Twin Girls
Name: Lithiumrainbow
Location: Ohio, USA
Profession: Modeling and Management
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Lithiumrainbow is a stage name created years ago that I love and stuck to. I've been modeling for 4 years now and I'm  currently expanding my horizons into different styles, clothing brands, and hopefully some promotional and musical works soon. I'm based in  Ohio and always looking for some new business connections & friends in the business. Aside from working I'm a huge gamer and Horror nut.  Nothing makes me happier than Pokemon, I still play all the games and collect the cards!  When it comes to non-portable systems I'm a  Playstation person and you can often find my streaming on my twitch account
I dream to work with Anathema Photography & Jeremy Saffer
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Lithiumrainbow Evil Twin Girls
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